Voting Information


Can you register to vote online?

Yes! Some states offer online voter registration. Check with your local voter registration and/or your state election offices, or check here to find out if your state will allow online voter registration.

Where do I vote on Election Day?

Find out where you need to vote on Election Day. Polling places are usually within walking distance of your home (unless you are located in a very rural area). A polling place can be a business, a school, or a community center, to name a few establishments.

How do I get an absentee ballot or vote by mail?

To vote by absentee ballot, you must submit an absentee ballot request form and send the completed form to your local county board of elections. Absentee ballot request forms require a photocopy of an approved form of identification and a witness signature. The Cochran Firm – Dothan is happy to assist with any photocopying needs for your absentee ballot request forms, please stop by our office or call for more information.

Does an absentee ballot require any extra steps?

Yes! Along with your ballot, which will be sealed separately, you must have a photocopy of your approved form of identification and a notary seal OR two witness signatures (witnesses must be over the age of 18) on the affidavit included in your absentee ballot for it to be considered eligible for counting. Your ballot will be sealed in a separate, blind envelope (that is included in your ballot packet) for privacy. The Cochran Firm – Dothan has many notaries on staff and we are offering our notarization services and photocopying services FREE to anyone who needs assistance in order to successfully complete your absentee ballot. Our office is open to the public; feel free to stop by or call for more information regarding absentee voting.


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